The collection brings together a variety of materials with a choice of different finishes available. All our materials are carefully sourced from all across the globe; lovingly hand crafted using traditional methods to ensure years of enjoyment from your timeless fireplace. We also produce a number of made-to-measure items, which are available throughout our retailer network, ask for further details.


This natural, sedimentary limestone formed over 50 million years ago is cut straight from the earth. Portuguese Limestone features characteristic darker veins on a light background, intermingled with fossils of plants and animal life, all adding to the beauty and individuality of this great material.

In contrast, the Agean Limestone is a much whiter limestone with a soft, speckled grain, which works well in a variety of settings


Jurastone is a natural material which utilises innovative finishing techniques. It is made from sheets of natural solid marble and then coated with one of two great finishes. You can choose from smooth Cotswold and the slightly textured Chiltern, both finishes give a consistent appearance of stone.


Each of these beautiful stone finishes has their own features that help to create a truly unique fireplace.

Polar White marble offers a brilliant, clear, classic look whilst the Lunar White and Satin Beige add a sense of depth with its warm, mottled tones.

These have some exquisite detail that is rarely seen in suites of this material. This is a testament to the skill of the craftsmen who are making these products with great care and attention.


This exquisite material offers a more uniform detail without the swirls and veins found in traditional marble fireplaces. As an alternative, micro marble offers a consistent, even tone and a durable, polished finish.

Arctic White is a vivid shade of white with the slightest hint of grey speckling that adds to an intriguing sense of depth.


The Gallery Collection offers a wide choice of high quality oak veneered and solid wood mantels.

Our traditionally styled mantels are intricately designed and work well in period styled homes.

The collection also features a number of veneered mantels some featuring recessed twin spot lights which work well in contemporary settings.


All our cast iron products are manufactured to the highest standards in ISO 2002 accredited facilities.

The quality and attention to detail is second to none. Not only is the casting quality first class, the finishing processes are carried out by highly trained craftsmen.

Many products are available with a finish of your choice in matt black, highlight polished or fully polished.