THE GALLERY COLLECTION offers a unique selection of natural stone mantels and quality cast iron fireplace options including inserts, fascias and fire baskets, as well as a wide selection of more traditional cast iron combination fireplaces. We are also very proud to feature our range of EFFICIENCY PLUS cast iron inserts and combination fireplaces.  These authentically styled inserts benefit from all the aesthetic qualities common with traditional fireplaces, combined with the eco-friendly higher efficiencies of gas convector fires.

Whether you would like to burn coal, wood, gas or install an electric fire then there will undoubtedly be something suitable.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards in ISO 2002 accredited facilities. The quality and detail shown here is second to none. Not only is the casting quality first class, the finishing processes are carried out by highly trained craftsmen. This helps us to achieve a consistent and unrivalled offering to our valued customers.  It is this application of skill and process that creates the high value products shown in THE GALLERY COLLECTION.


A cast iron insert is a decorative plate with complimentary front bars that incorporates a fire and comes in the form of an ARCHED insert or a TILED insert. Many have the opportunity to burn several types of fuel such as wood, coal, gas or electric. With the exception of the EFFICIENCY PLUS range and any chrome finishes, all of the inserts featured on the site are suitable for burning multi fuel (wood, coal), however, polished and highlighted products may tarnish.

When burning solid fuel it is recommended that you choose a black finish. For more information on each of our insert’s available finishes and fuel suitability, visit the technical page.

Cast Iron Finishes


Choose any of the options below for a look at the selection on offer.


Our collection of Mantels And Arched Inserts consists of our beautiful range of natural stone mantels combined with cast iron arched inserts.


Our collection of Mantels And Tiled Inserts consists of our beautiful range of natural stone mantels combined with cast iron tiled inserts.


Cast iron fascias don’t feature the full depth of an insert and are combined with an inset gas fire to create a stunning fireplace.


These design-led fireplaces take the styling of the traditional insert and combine it with modern, patented gas fires.


Fire baskets are an eye-catching addition to any fireplace, with options for solid fuel, gas and electric.


A combination fireplace is a cast iron centrepiece that combines many aspects of a traditional fireplace in one package.